This Year’s BEST ONLINE INVESTMENTS: Truths & Lies

10 best online investments in 2020

Are you considering starting an online venture? Do you wish all your life expenses are coming from your online investment? Yes, you desire to be one of the big names earning bulky cheque from online investment. Your dream is almost the dream of most online investors. Many dream of a business they can carry out from the comfort of their home without the hurdles of formalities associated with the real-world business.

Moreover, all these assumptions are right to some extent but a lot have to been discussed here regarding online investment and why many have not got there. I mean, why many have not become the big name in the online investment.

As at the year 1998 to 2010 the internet world could be said to be at the development stage. In other words, during these periods few online services, websites, and mobile applications were invoke. The early investors on the online world are the big names we are hearing today, examples are: Amazon, Goggle, Facebook, and so many of them.

In reality all the blogs, websites, Social Networks, and online Forums, etc. all started within these specified period. Today many of them are making billions and millions of Dollars from their online investment.


Have you wondered why many are struggling today to reach the top earning chart in online investment? The factors that favored the early investors are no longer there today. Here are few of the major factors that favored the early online investors:


Internet was a new innovation and everyone want to understand how it works, how it can be useful to their daily activities.   The urge to browse the internet and seek information made the early bloggers to become the masters today. The urge to join Social communities and meet new people made the early investors in the social network to become the big names we are hearing today.


There are few websites and social media at the early stage of internet development. This made it very easy for the early investors to spend less trying to gather traffic rather people sort after their online investment because it has little or zero competition.


As a new innovation with increasing public interests, companies were willing to pay the online investors to place advertisement on their platform. Those this is still common today, then the advertisement charge and the amount advertisers are willing to pay are higher. The early bloggers and social media owners as well as affiliate marketers made good cheque from their investment than those of today.


Having discussed what favored the early investors let us now discuss what the current investors should expect from online investment and why they still have the chance of making it later.

Online investment is the same thing as the real-world investment. The market can change, the profit can drop and go up unpredictably. As a new online investor you must bear in mind that it is just like the real world business, it requires punctuality, capital, commitment, and calculative analysis to follow the latest trend of changes. If you start any online investment without the time to manage it and follow it up, you may end up wasting your money. However, before we proceed further let us discuss the various online investments possible in the year 2020 and beyond.




Blogging has proven to be the longest and guaranteed way of making money online. Though the modern bloggers find it difficult to earn huge sum of money, time and endurance have helped most modern bloggers to earn big.  Blogging requires patience and commitment. 60 percent of modern blogs usually fail to reach the huge earning stage due to unforeseen challenges, unequipped mindset, and loss of interest by the investors.  Meanwhile, if you understand what blogging is all about, you stand a better chance of excelling in it. Online news blogs, and content-based blogs that started at the early stage of internet development with steady writing and publishing are now swimming in millions of traffic monthly. The same rule is still applicable today.

Set up a blog, invest your time to run it with unique niche and content, source for ways to monetize the blog especially using AdSense and direct advertisers. The remaining factors of becoming famous can come naturally through your SEO and online presence. To be precise, modern bloggers should target one year of complete commitment and consistent publishing of articles in order to make good cash and overcome the possibility of backing down on the investment. I will publish the DETAILS OF WHAT YOU MUST DO AS A MODERN BLOGGER to avoid backing down. If you cannot see the post link here, use the search box to look for it. If you choose to invest in blogging then you must ensure that you read other posts written on this website regarding blogging.


Running a social media currently is the most difficult investment currently that anyone without patience should go into. Old social media like Facebook, linkedin, twitter, pinterest, instagram, medium, tumbr, flickr, etc. are successful because they came at times that few of such social network exists as a new innovation internet users are willing to join new platforms to meet new people or old friends.  One good thing about each of those early social media is that each has its uniqueness that differentiates it from the rest. Some are meant to connect people for jobs, while some are meant to share your photos to friends, etc.

To open a social media currently you must ensure the following:

  1. It is unique and different from the existing ones, if they are the same, then yours should be able to supersede the existing ones in terms of functionalities.
  2. You need at least five years of steady advertisement of the social media platform in order to engage internet users to join it.
  3. Prove that you have what it takes by ensuring the website never run into errors or shutdown as the traffic in it is increasing. Allowing this to occur will make the users to feel you are not in for a serious business.
  4. Use incentives to attract more users. This is the most difficult aspect that modern social media users most do to get large traffic within a short time. If you have a referrer system in your social media where users can invite others with their link ID showing who invited them and the invitee receives a little cash or crypto currency gift as a form of appreciation, the website will reach its peak of success within a short time. Please note that it is not mandatory you do it, if you cannot afford it, then do not do it. You will lose trust and existing users if you fake the offer and never reward those that worked to achieve what you are asking for in terms of referring new members. In other words, never give fake promises or run a fake promo on your social media platform.
  5. You must have a different source of income first become investing on social media. This is to enable you fund it appropriately.
  6. If you can’t be patience and consistent enough for it to grow then do not start it at all so you wouldn’t waste your money.
  7. Work with existing social media platforms and Search Engine firms like Goggle for advertisement. You can pay them to advertise your social media on regular bases. This idea will quickly let the internet users know the existent of your social media and what it stands for or what makes it unique from the rest.
  8. Make it free. Do not rush at the initial stage with paid services or membership, etc. as a growing platform make everything to be free. This will help the internet users to experience the best features of the social media platform and make it easier for them to invite others even without any offer of incentive.
  9. Test run the registration process and ensure it is easy, quick and free from any form of hurdles. Modern internet users have so many distractions while accessing the internet, from the news feeds pop ups to the animated advert banners, new job vacancy notification, to multiple clickable links on a page, etc. assuming your social media advert showed up and the internet user find it interesting and decides to visit your website for registration with the mindset of visiting later. However, in the process of registration there exist lots of page reloading, red or error responses, or unending captcha verification request, etc. the user made skip the stress and return back to whatever  website she /he intend to visit next. With such wrong impression, your website advert may not be clicked next time by the same user.


E-commerce is simply online market. A good example of such is Amazon, Ebay, Jumia, etc. these platforms sell goods to internet users and deliver it to their homes or Offices. Running this platform requres good management team, capital, and physical offices at different locations that buyers  can decide to come and pick their item if they do not want it delivered to them.

Among all the online investments mentioned earlier, this one stands to be unique because you stand the chance of dominating the existing platforms irrespective of their age in the online investment. However, to achieve that you must have good capital and will invest heavily on it.


Early job websites like ,, etc. are now big names and earn big cheque from advertisers. Firms and individuals pay to post or feature vacancies. Some even offer users and employers connection services which helps the job seekers to meet potential employers.

Though time and commitment are major factors in the investment, it is a modern investment that seems to grow faster than others due to the increasing rate of unemployment across the globe.


Forex trade had been in existence before now. However, the modern Forex trade are now online. It involves buying and selling currencies online. Currently, there are hundreds of websites that allow users to buy and sell currencies of different countries.

The basic logic behind forex trade is like buying $5000 worth of Chinese Currency while in the U.S. and selling it to a U.S. based tourist intending to visit China for a short holiday. This individual needs Chinese currency at cheaper and quicker means. Hence, he visits the FOREX trading websites seek for those selling Chinese Yuan up to $5000, luckily, he finds a seller on one of the website, and he makes payment of the $5000 and receive equivalent worth of the currency in the Chinese Yuan directly into his bank account.  That is a very simple illustration of what FOREX trade is all about.

The owners of this platform charge the users per every trade that occur with a certain percentage. It is a platform you can set up with minimal time input and make your money the more popular the trading platform becomes.


Crypto currency investment started with lots of doubts in peoples mind to know how long it can be sustained. However, bitcoin and lots of other cryptos have proven their long time possibility of existence by getting more people to be involve and keep on maintaining their prices and purchasing strength.

Many people buy and sell cryptos as an occupation. They buy at cheaper rate and sell at higher rate to make their profit. Many website that are used for crypto trading are modern websites, hence, investing in this area makes it easier to excel and beat your competitors. All you need to do is to buy the services of programmers to makes website scripts for crypto trading or buy existing ones, pay for a premium domain hosting package and start promoting the website to gain traffic. You make your money by charging the users a certain percentage for every trade that users carried out.


Freelancing is as old as the internet itself. It is one of the first making money online approach even before blogs started monetizing their content.  At the early stage companies hire freelancers to write contents regarding their products on social media platforms and the company website. The service is usually rewarded by payment per article.

In other words, Freelancing is not actually an online investment before now, however, modern freelancing may require you to advertise your service on some of the websites known for hiring and advertising of freelancers.

As a modern freelancer, you don’t just seat back and assume you can be hired because you registered on some of the platforms, you can give it a boost by paying for your services to be advertised. The same goes to any online investor intending to open a website for freelancers and their clients. You can charge the both for every service offered on or through the website.


Another way to make monemoney online is to open a consultant website. Choose a particular area of profession, write contents that showcases your level of intelligence in that professional and offer to train, sell your ideas and be consulted on difficult issues regarding that profession with certain amount of money placed on each services.

Most SEO services firms are into this business example is excellent ranks and others.


Youtube and other video sharing platforms have come to stay. Taking advantage of their presence to make and upload quality videos will make you to stand out and earn heavy cash later from thousands of users washing your video. While on this investment, the owners of the video make money from advertisers who place logo, skippable short video adverts, etc. placed on their video while the users are watching it.

Most early U-tubers are making millions of dollars annually from the platform. In modern day online investments for those with little capital, video making stands as a great option though it takes a very long time to start earning big, the effort may worth it on the long run.


Another way of making money in modern onlionline investment is to open a platform that sells online tools. It could be in the form of affiliate marketing or selling your own online tools. Consider investment like Google play store, palm play, and apple store, etc. there are thousands of online products that need promotion.

Users can pay to get their product promoted or offer to pay you a certain percent on every purchase of their tools.

Online tools like grammarly, uber check, and software of various kind, etc. can be sold on your platform.  Users pay directly in your platform and download the online tool. You can as well extend it to E-books, Music, and Movies.


There are online investments you need to ignore. The reason for this suggestion is lack of facts, if anyone has made money through them it must be in insignificant value. No one has ever made good money through it. In most cases, they do not pay at the end.

Here are some of the online investments you need to avoid:

  • Click and get paid services
  • Take a survey and get paid services
  • Play games and get paid
  • Watch videos and get paid
  • Download songs, videos, or mobile and get paid
  • Free recharge cards for reading or watching contents, etc.

From the listed items, it is very important you make your decision wisely to avoid wasting time and money and leaving the dream of making it big in the online investment.

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