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How To Start A Profitable Metal Forging Business

How To Start A Profitable Metal Forging Business

How To Start A Profitable Metal Forging Business
How To Start A Profitable Metal Forging Business

Metal forging is simply the process of reshaping a metal to obtain a particular shape, this process can be carried out in various ways depending on the type of metal and the handling process intended for such metal.

Metal forging has a lot to do with the temperature of the metal. Generally, it can be assumed that ferrous metals have higher crystallization temperature than non-ferrous metals, for that reason forging non-ferrous metals could be easier when compared with ferrous metals.

Details Of Metal Forging In Mechanical Engineering
How To Start A Profitable Metal Forging Business

If one intends to make metal forging effective then, such should consider the application of heat in the process. The application of heat in metal forging will not only make the work easier but would also enhance the re-arrangement of the metal’s crystal structure.

When a metal is heated to a temperature that makes is easy for deformation of such metal, it means the crystal structure was allowed to take the new shape gradually, instead of deformation in the cold condition.

How To Start A Profitable Metal Forging Business
How To Start A Profitable Metal Forging Business



Though they sound differently or opposite in meaning, the fact still remain that the two still make use of heat, the difference is the temperature each one is exposed to;


This process of forging is when the metal had been heated above its recrystallization temperature (the temperature that the crystals would not be able to return to their initial positions after cooling) before carrying out the forging work on it. It is the best method of forging for very hard metals which may be hard to forge at lower temperatures, an example of such metals are, iron and steel.


This process involves the forging of metals at a temperature that is below the re-crystallization point, at this temperature the metal still has the tendency of retaining its rigidity and crystal positions but due to the effects of forging the crystals positions will be forcefully changed to a new position. This type of forging is usually applied to metals with lower melting points, but it has the disadvantage of causing an increase in the brittleness of the metal after the forging and cooling of the metal.

The negative effects created on metals after forging such as increased brittleness and decreased malleability can be corrected by heat treatment techniques, which we shall discuss next time.


Best ways to make money with metal forging are:

  1. Incorporating it into foundry activities;

The main aim in metal deformation is to obtain a new shape, that is why every technician would love to have full control on the mobility of the metal molecules, and such could be obtained directly using foundry furnace. Therefore, using furnace in the heating process for forging would help large and entire parts to be heated quickly, and at a very high temperature, so for such, it would be easier to do lots of shaping jobs within a short time.

  1. Practice the forging of important engine/machine parts

One of the lucrative  machine parts that can be developed through forging is the crane hooks, others are flywheels, anvil, hammerheads, torque wrenches, hoe, diggers, shovel, etc. these parts can cost much in the market having a buyer that sells them to final consumer can make your hobby a lucrative employment for you.

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