10 Factors Necessary For Business Success In Nigeria

Factors Necessary For Business Success In Nigeria

For a business to be successful, you need to implement thousands of things as the business head. Ultimately, a business’s success depends on how the business owner handles the business and invests his time and resources.

A great deal of effort is necessary to be put into the business that is just growing to ensure its success. There is no guarantee of success, but hard work is part of the recipe that contributes to the success of a business.

Living in Nigeria means your business would be affected by the Nigerian government’s policies, rules, and regulations as a business entrepreneur. 

In this post, as a business owner, you would be guided on running your business and making it easier successfully. Here are the necessary factors for your business to survive in Nigeria:

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Ensure you implement the right plan

To have a successful business, you have to start from the planning stage. A business that does not have the right plan would eventually fail. Your business plan must highlight the necessary operations and how you intend to market and make revenue for the business. Of course, it is good to plan, but the right plan makes the business succeed.

A burning passion for your idea

To build a successful business in Nigeria, you must be passionate about that business and build it to the necessary stage, which you would not quit halfway. But, on the other hand, if you are not passionate about the business, you can stop halfway and drop the business. Hence, have passion and love for the business you are doing and commit your best to make it grow.

Choose favorable location

Businesses can thrive if the right location is selected for the business office. Your business location must not be in a remote place where it would be difficult for clients to locate and interact with your business.

Ensure your business is situated where there are all the necessary facilities to make it successful. Every business have certain conducive place for office, such should be cited carefully in accordance to the expected customers.

If your business is mainly dealing on students’ materials and academic services you need to locate campuses instead of cloudy markets. If you are dealing on industrial tools and equipment you need to located industrial layouts and markets mapped out for selling of industrial tools and equipment. The example continues in every other aspects of business.


The country’s economy isn’t in great shape now; therefore, it is good to set up a viable sector where it will be profitable for you as a business owner.

For example, currently, many people would always buy food no matter what the economy says; this setting up a business in such an aspect would mean that your business is positioned to succeed.

Though other businesses such as drugs, clothing, and cosmetics could still strive, take some time to analyze the available competitors in each choice and select the one that could give you more edge against others.

Profit from the idea

One of the major things you should note as a business owner is whether the business idea you are setting up makes you profit? If it does not, then you would have to make a turn. You must be ready for whatever the business throws at you, either up and down you should ensure the business remains steadfast.

Profit-making is one of the purpose of establishing a business if your business seems not to be profitable then you should consider changing it or checkout what the cause could be , may be you will need to relocate or diversify the business.


No matter how good a product or service is, if no marketing activities are used to push the business’s product to the limelight, the business will collapse. With this in mind, as a business owner, you must be ready to market your business to reach the targeted audiences.

To achieve this, you need to map out a good advertisement strategy to make it easy for you. The advert may not necessarily be expensive the aim is to get the people around to know what you are doing.

Pure Water Making and marketing in Nigeria
Pure Water Making and marketing in Nigeria
Pure Water Making and marketing in Nigeria
Pure Water Making and marketing in Nigeria

Build a qualified team

If your business requires additional hands get a professional or build one for your business. Another way for you to run a successful business is to build a qualified team that can deliver the purpose of the business.

The more qualified and effective your team is, the easier it will be for your business to succeed. Therefore, whenever you are recruiting, always look out for good traits among your candidates.

Shoe making in Nigeria
Shoe making in Nigeria


Every aspect of the country’s economy isn’t stable; this means that you must adapt your business to the harsh economic conditions of the Nigerian business climate. Being adaptable makes your business grow and survive any form of hurdles.


Nothing kills a business as fast as failure to honor its promises to the clients it serves. To ensure your business grows and becomes successful, your business must be trustworthy by your customers.

Therefore, your business should avoid having issues with its clients and always aim to achieve a mutual solution to any problem encountered by the business.

Cost control

If a business is to succeed, there must be more income than expenditure. This means that you must find a way to reduce costs and increase revenue while expanding the extra cash invested.


The success of every business starts from the mindset of the investor. If your mindset is to succeed in the business then you have already started the journey of success. The next thing is to lookout for those things you need to do in other to bring your dream of succeeding into reality.

The above factors are part of those things you need to put into consideration and act on them to make your business succeed. If you have additional factor not mentioned in this post please fell free to drop it through the comment section. Thank you and I am wishing you success in your business.

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