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Few months ago I was opportune to come in contact with a lady who happens to be an expert in hairdressing business.

I took a very good time to have deep discussion with her regarding the business and luckily for me I was able to get a lot of information regarding the business which includes the secrets of making money with it. I will be revealing all the information I gathered in this post.

 Hairdressing is a popular business meant or women and young ladies and it happens to be one of the profit making business you can find anywhere in the world. Recently, you can pay all your bills by simply owning and running a hairdressing salon.

There are things you are supposed to know before venturing into this business and nt just for the beginners alone, even armatures already in the business could use the ideas in this post to change the negative aspects of the business to positive and make more money.

Before I proceed to the secrets in this business, let me discuss what the hairdressing salon is all about, its classifications and lots.


Just like every other business, hairdressing salon is almost the first choice of business for most ladies who like fashion. It is basically the business of taking care of women hair from washing to styling services. A hairdressers helps women to dress their hair and make any style of hair required by the customer who is basically women.


Because of the society we found ourselves all fingers are not equal and that applies to every aspects of life including business.

Hairdressing salon has grades which I refer to as class. The class of a hairdressing salon is determined by the facilities, beautification, staff experience, equipment and tools, as well as the level of hairdressing works that it can execute.

Obviously, you can bear witness that all hairdressing salons are not of the same grade. This is the reason the salon class can be a determining factor on the class of customers the owner will be expecting which also reflects in the cost of service pf the hairdressing salon.

secrets in hairdressing salon business
secrets in hairdressing salon business

There are basically three classes of hairdressing salon the ones I refer to as: 1st class, the 2nd class, and the 3rd class.

The first class hairdressing is the most well-equipped, well-staffed, and filled with experienced staffs.

Mainly located in capital cities and in strategic locations, they are few in number in each cities and seems to be in charge of taking care of the hairs of celebrities and top class citizens who need some level of privacy and professional hands in their hair styles.

As the name goes, their service is expensive not because of name rather due to the already mentioned furnishing and preparedness of the salon and all hairdressing styles and additional services can be found there.

secrets in hairdressing salon business
First class Hairdressing salon business

The second class hairdressing salon stands in the middle. It is the one that lacks any or some of the items listed in the first class salon.

The salon may have equipment, and well-furnished environment but lesser experienced staff which limits the level of the services they can render.

This is the most populated hairdressing salon you can find in every city and even some developing urban towns. It is meant to take care of average class individuals who could afford to make nice-looking hairstyles at affordable price.

secrets in hairdressing salon business
second class Hairdressing salon business

The third class hairdressing salon is the simple hairdressing salon owned and managed by one person. It has few equipment and limited services.

It offers the most affordable cost of service and meant to be the salon of the lowest class individuals. Some of such salon can exist without any equipment rather tools for making of simple hair styles.

secrets in hairdressing salon business
Third class Hairdressing salon business

Now that we have discussed the various types of hairdressing salons let me now go further to explain the secrets in this business.


Assuming you are planning of opening a hairdressing salon you need to be aware of the following secrets:


This one of the secrets in hairdressing salon business. You need to determine the class of hairdressing salon you want to open and the appropriate location of the class of salon, for instance, the third class type is appropriate in rural areas and less developed areas in the cities where lesser income earners are living.

The second class salon s appropriate for developed areas and usually sited on streets where the targeted customers are living. While the first class is usually found in public places such as markets, busy junctions, parks, etc. the targeted customers can be able to see the salon in those locations.

Based on the above explanation, send time to choose appropriate place for your hairdressing business according to the class of customers you will be expecting mostly.


This one of the secrets in hairdressing salon business. Every business has competition the same applies to the hairdressing salon business. There are a good number of hairdressing salon in every city and this implies people may not be finding it difficult to locate the nearest hairdressing salon to get appropriate service.

The completion in the business depends on the class of salon you are operating.

It is easier to compete with those operating the same class of salon as yours than competing with higher class because if everything else being equal in terms of service price, customers tend to patronize the higher class salon for better service.

You should be able to prepare to compete with existing salons in the area by trying to offer better service at affordable price as compared to those operating the same class of salon.


This one of the secrets in hairdressing salon business. The term ‘customers’ majority’ refers to the majority of potential customers within the location you plan to establish the hairdressing salon.

For instance, if the place is within a higher institution you will be having matured female students as major customers.

If it is located in local markets and streets, you will be having married women and few single ladies as your major customers.

While planing for the establishment take some time to study the location and ascertain the potential customers. This will help you to get better prepared.

The majority of the customer in the area will help to know the class of hairdressing salon to be opened in the area.


This one of the secrets in hairdressing salon business. Localization of customers simply implies targeting the most closest customers to your location of business and try as much as possible to make them feel free to visit your salon anytime even if they are not coming for hairdressing.

You can do that by being nice and taking them as a friend. This will help to boost the popularity and inflow of people into the salon which equals the opportunity of making more money from them.

In other words, when it come hairdressing salon business, do not be too formal to yor customers especially those living within.

Feel free to make them discuss how they feel about your business and other hairdressing salon within and what they wish you could be doing as additional service for them.

By doing so you will gain more ideas of what your customers want and improve the business to meet their satisfaction.


This one of the secrets in hairdressing salon business. Hairdressing alone is no longer the only service the business offer. Modern hairdressing salons offer wide range services which includes marketing of hair products.

Some customers may come around just to buy hair creams and other hair care products.

Therefore, you need to incorporate mini-market into the business and the market must center on hair products such as wigs, weaving, attachments, hair creams, dyes, and lots more.  


This one of the secrets in hairdressing salon business. Complex services defines the wide range of service a hairdressing salon can offer. Besides taking care of hair, the business can include nails care, and facial beautifications as well as skin care services. Try to give your customers reason they should not look for somewhere else to look beautiful.

If your salon could handle manicure and pedicure services, making of female head tires, selling and making beauty related products, and its services. You will have customers number greatly extended.


This one of the secrets in hairdressing salon business. Assuming you have got everything listed in place, the next thing you must consider is to be available for the business. Try as much as possible to always be available to attend to your customers and employ additional hand if necessary to make them satisfied.

Customers tend to look for somewhere else when they see that your attention on them has reduced. Therefore, be available and always show them how valuable they are in your business.


This one of the secrets in hairdressing salon business. This one of the secrets in hairdressing salon business. There is also need to improvise in your business. This implies reducing wastage in your service. If proper improvising method is adopted it could lead to rendering of cheaper service to customers.

For instance, leftover creams and weavons as well as other hair making products could be used for other services.

secrets in hairdressing salon business
Hairdressing salon business


From the list of ideas above you can be able to stay ahead of others. It is good to know that not everyone doing hairdressing salon business know about these This one of the secrets in hairdressing salon business. So apply what you have read here for your own advantage.

Do not forget to use the comment section for feedback. I wish you success in your business establishment. Thanks!

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