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How To Set Up A Barbing Salon In Nigeria With Less Than N100,000

How To Set Up A Barbing Salon In Nigeria With Less Than N100,000

How To Set Up A Barbing Salon In Nigeria With Less Than N100,000
How To Set Up A Barbing Salon In Nigeria With Less Than N100,000

Barbing is one of the popular businesses in Nigeria, it can offer a good source of cash inflow for beginners like the unemployed youths and graduates who just finished their NYSC without a job.

It can be a savior for the above category of people instead of seating idle at home with the excuse of not seeing any job to do.

The good part about the business is that it can be set up with little money depending on the statute you want to operate it.

Of over 20 entrepreneurship skills being thought to youth corps during their three weeks NYSC camping in Nigeria, barbing was not among, but skills like fishing, bead making, ICT, and tailoring were among.

Barbing is just like any of the above-mentioned skills because you have “to first of all” learn how to barb and that wouldn’t take you a long time to do if you are a quick learner.

The next thing would be how to use the skill acquired for a profitable business and have a source of income flow.

Running a barbing salon can be very easy for the skilled barber as well as making a profit from it, but the case may be different for the unskilled barber.

The same thing applies to the cost of setting up the business, someone can set up a barbing salon at the cost of one million nairas (N1, 000, 000).

While another person can set up a barbing salon at the cost of eighty thousand naira (N80, 000) everything boils down to the type of people to use the salon and the cost of barbing on each of the categories of the salon.

Places like the capital cities within the country can have a barbing salon that can charge N500 to barb someone’s hair, while urban places like villages can charge as low as N100, what this signal shows is that the cost of setting up these two categories of the barbing salon are not the same.

As mentioned earlier any amount that is above N50, 000 can set up a barbing salon in Nigeria but it will be a question of the location and quality of the salon.

In this post, we shall be discussing how to set up a barbing salon with less than a hundred thousand naira (N100, 000).

Breakdown of How To Set Up A Barbing Salon In Nigeria With Less Than N100,000

Here is the breakdown of how the expenses could run to have a barbing salon of your own:

  • Cost of shop rent; rural areas N2000-N3000 per month while urban areas N5000-N10,000 per month, if you go by the option of the rural area your annual shop rent would be between N24,000 – N36,000.
  • You will need two mirrors of at least 2 feet by 4 feet which can cost N2000 each. Making a total of N4000.
  • You will need four plastic chairs or more but a good plastic chair can be up to N2000 each so multiplies it by the number of chairs you need. Note that having a wood bench is another option which primarily depends on the category of people that can serve as your customers, if they are villagers then no problem in the use of a wood bench which costs N1500 for a 5 feet long bench and that can accommodate up to four customers.
  • The cost of furnishing the shop is as follows;
  • Foam carpet 8 yards (N600 x 8 =N4800),
  • Energy-saving bulb (N400),
  • Wall sockets N500 each,
  • 1 mm wire N100 per yard,
  • Water paints N500 for 4 liters bucket,
  • Other major expenses are:
  • Small generator popularly referred to as “I better pass my Nebo” =N12000 for fairly used, N20,000 for a new one.
  • Two quality clippers, a clipper can be bought for as low as N3000 or as high as N8000 it all depends on the quality and the location you are.
  • Buy a one-yard cover cloth to be used by your customers and attached a button or have a tailor design it for you and that may cost you N5000 for everything.
  • You may buy an apron for yourself if you can afford that and such may cost you N3000.
  • Fixing mirrors, sockets, and electrification may take N10,000 for workmanship.
  • A standard wooden table of about 2 feet by 7 feet will be used for your clippers and other accessories and it can cost up to N16,000 to obtain a quality one.
  • You will need these minor items which cost very low, they are; hairstyle calendars =N200 each, aftershave anti-bacterial creams, and methylated spirit which can be obtained for as low as N600 each, small and big combs N100 to N400 each, etc.
  • Other things which may be optional are; a musical device such home theater or ordinary double speaker radio, a television or plasma with a cable connection, or a DVD player.


These items listed above, are all you need to set up and operate a barbing salon in Nigeria, however, the total cost may exceed the actual cost listed in the post but it will not exceed N80,000 if you are trying to set it up at a low level such as for villagers.

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