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Top 12 Most Lucrative Investment Opportunities in Nigeria

Lucrative Investment Opportunities in Nigeria You Need to Know

Lucrative Investment Opportunities
Lucrative Investment Opportunities

Starting a lucrative business in Nigeria requires many market surveys and business intelligence from the business owner. Majorly because you would need to get the appropriate information about the business you are aiming to get involved with and how lucrative the business is.

Aside from this, you must be ready to follow the investment blueprint, which includes the dos and don’ts of the investment opportunity you are looking at. 

Say you are looking for an investment opportunity in Nigeria, then you must first understand what investment means and what it comprises. For example, laying out cash on a business or enterprise with the expectation of gaining additional profit and income from the investment.

One of the famous investors who gained a lot from investment opportunities is Warren Buffet, who made his fortune through investment opportunities and consistently gained from his investments.

From the information above, you would have understood that the goal of every investment is to make an extra gain from either in a lump sum or in bit by bit. More so, depending on your investment type, you might make a considerable percentage of gain, which might range from 20 percent upward.

So, for example, if you buy a car for N600,000 and resell at the price of 850,000, the investment has offered you a gain of N250,000. But, of course, this is an example of investment, and it could be in various means as you desired.

Benefits of Investments

Lucrative Investment Opportunities
Lucrative Investment Opportunities

Several benefits are associated with investment oppoopportunities in Nigeria; aside from the profits you make as an investor, other opportunities come along with the investment you made.

Some of the benefits attached to the investment include providing job opportunities, giving back to the country’s economy, and increasing the standard of living through economic growth.

Besides, your tax after you have gained from the investment would contribute to the country’s development. The primary purpose of this piece is to highlight some investment opportunities you can venture into. Here are the lists of Investment opportunities you can venture into:

1. Food and catering Services business Investment: Yes, you would believe that food is of essentiality to everyone in the country, either old or young. It is one of the necessities of life, and people must always have their daily meal. This is one of the reasons why food and catering investment opportunities always stand out among other investment businesses that can bring in good ROI quickly.

2. Investing in Real Estate: Another basic necessity of life has shelter on your head, which is a house you can come back to after the day’s struggle. With that being said, investing in construction business development of houses for sales and construction of other building infrastructures is also a lucrative business you can invest in.

3. The Fashion Industry: the third essential item human beings need to survive is clothing; this makes it a great and lucrative business you can invest in and hopefully make a considerable return if everything is done appropriately.

4. Agriculture business: As it has been mentioned above that food is fundamental to humanity, the basis of food production in agriculture, investing in this sector would provide you a huge gain, especially if it is on a large scale.

5. Education: Education at all levels is unique, and it has become one of the necessities of humankind. Every parent wants their child a decent education that would propel their future into greatness.

6. Tech gadgets business: Technology keeps evolving, and old ones fade out day by day. In Nigeria, the most populous black nation on earth, the number of mobile phones that the citizens are using is almost 65 percent of the entire population.  Other tech gadgets like PlayStation, Xbox and many more are good investment opportunities.

7. Automobile parts businesses: Like the tech gadget, Nigeria has massive potential for the automobile market, both aftermarket parts and original products. Besides, the automobile investment opportunity can be in various aspects of the business, either dealing with the exterior or interior or the engine parts.

8. Investing In the music Industry: Music is a part of the entertainment that everyone loves to associate with. You can own a record label like Don Jazzy or sign an artist to your record label and become one of the famous personalities in the industry.

9. Transportation business investment: Investing in the transport business is like investing for a future gain; you can continue reaping the gain of your investment for like if done appropriately.

10. Digital marketing and online promotion business: many businesses in Nigeria are looking to scale and make their business visible. Running a digital promotion investment organization would set you on the right path.

11. Oil and Gas Business: If you have enough money to venture into oil and Gas business in the area of buying shares from oil company firms, buying and selling of petroleum products, helping to facilitate the loading of petroleum products tanks at deport, etc. there are many options available in this line of business meeting those in the field could give you more exposure.

12. Wood and Furniture: Investing in showrooms and other house interiors could be very lucrative if you are living in the city. However, in a local way you can be buying finished and furnished furniture from local makers and be selling to specific targeted clients at higher price. You can as well employ skilled furniture men to start making furniture for you while you sell them.


Though the above mentioned investments are lucrative, your ability to make good money from it depends on the strategies you employed. For instance, your location of the investments, your potential clients, the quality and cost of buying, and lots more have a lot to do with profitability of the investment.

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