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Lucrative Business Ideas For Electrical & Electronics Engineers

What are the Lucrative Business Ideas For Electrical & Electronics Engineers?

If you’ve successfully achieved a Bachelor degree in electrical and electronics engineering, congratulations, you’ve done well.

what’s next for you?. If you want to work in a company, then you’d Better start preparing your résumé for interviews.

However, if you want to venture into the business line, this post will give you key ideas to starstart a profitable business  that can put food on your Table and make you responsible.

The Field of Electrical Engineering is very Broad and so are the business opportunities. You must therefore be committed to your field and be patient to achieve success in the future.

Startup business ideas for Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

1.Voltage Stabilizer production:

Regardless of whether you have a tight financial plan for your business arrangement, at that point you can consider fabricating voltage stabilizers. To begin with, start your excursion on a limited scale.

Then, in view of the exhibition and request, you can design about growing it. Since voltage stabilizers have prevalence in both private and business places, you don’t have to consider the interest a lot.

Assuming you don’t know where to begin the cycle, you can beginning your excursion through a gathering activity. Notwithstanding, you should design forthright how you will advertise your items.

You can restrict with a generally settled organization to smooth out the selling interaction. You can likewise anticipate that the company should help you in buying excellent materials in spending plan amicable value structures.

2. Battery Production

Did you realize battery producing is among the profoundly famous and requesting ventures from one side of the world  to the other? These days, pretty much every device runs on batteries, including cell phones, workstations, etc.

Indeed, even the contemporary-world devices like clinical hardware sets, driving vehicles, and so on are likewise fueled by batteries. So, building up a little battery industrial facility can be a beneficial endeavor for you. Nonetheless, this requires  devotion, tolerance, and relentless efforts.

You should choose about a plan of action prior to beginning your battery fabricating venture. Regardless of whether you need to fabricate essential batteries or optional batteries, you must be explicit about it.

Remember to choose about the electrochemical cells that will be utilized all the while. The battery-fabricating measure involves a few stages, like the creation of cathodes, anodes, mechanical segments, etc.

With regards to selling your items, you have two alternatives. You can either work together with a bigger producer to sell your batteries or you can handle  the whole thing by recruiting workers to form a team.

Note that the subsequent choice calls for more speculation than the first. You ought to likewise realize that diverse battery spaces need distinctive plans of action just as creation strategies.

Don’t you need to pick an unpredictable assembling measure? At that point, what about beginning a business in battery fabricating? It is an unquestionable requirement to complete the guidelines and guidelines of the contamination control leading body of your place all through the cycle.

3. LED light production

The demand for LED lights is very high and its seen as a profitable business venture for Electrical Engineers. But starting this business on a large scale

Will require a max factory operation that involves a complicated production process. However, if you’re sure you can do it, and you have an “ok” budget, you can start on a small scale.

4. Electrical switches/socket production

For a long time, Electrical sockets have been very common. Be it a private or residential Building , a commercial building. Electrical switches have become a vital part of every place. The production of electrical sockets is very profitable for Electrical Engineers with a small budget. You can produce Electrical sockets for residential and commercial places. If you want to go large scale , you’ll need a team.

5. Manufacturing solar powered vehicles

If you’re looking for a big investment, this is it. Solar powered vehicles are believed to play a major part in transportation industry. So it’s an opportunity for you to make money since people are looking for more power. This investment comes with Risks and you should be prepared to take them.

6. Production of inverters

There are many places with poor power supply, and so the demand for inverters will be on the rise. If you want to venture into this business, you can start with a small to moderate investment. The manufacturing of inverters is very profitable especially in areas with poor power supply.


Setting up and keeping a business going is not a walk in the park. It requires a lot of  determination, dedication and hard work . You might experience some bumps in the way, its perfectly normal. You can meet experts in the industry for advice and keep moving.

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