This is another interesting post that will be addressing various aspects of business center as it stands today. Unlike what we use to know it to be, business center has improved significantly due to the improvements in technology and changes in handling of office and business transactions.

This post will be addressing the following aspects of this topic:

Now let us take time to discuss each of the highlighted aspects properly.

Printer and its printing problems
Printer and its printing problems in a Business center

What is a Business Center?

The term ‘Business center’ refers a business establishment where people come to carryout various business and office related activities such and typing of documents, printing jobs, cybercafé services, scanning and other related jobs. It has been a popular business known worldwide since the coming of the computer age.

Till date, many people depend on business center to prepare their curriculum vitae (CV) and many companies still depend on business center to carry out some of the works that can be used for their services or for other purposes.

Depending on what you wish to accomplish, modern business center will always have a role to play for you and your business.

What are services of a Business Center?

A well-established business center will be able to render the following services to individuals, organizations, and companies:

  • Software Preparation and making of official documents.
  • Software Typing and setting jobs for customers.
  • Printing of documents for customers.
  • Making of complimentary cards for business.
  • Making of wedding cards and other events cards for customers.
  • Scanning of documents for customers.
  • Sending and receiving of documents for customers.
  • Making of Instant Photo Passports.
  • Designing and printing of Business flyers and banner meant for advertisement purposes.
  • Designing and printing of flyers for events.
  • Computer training services.
  • Cybercafé services.
  • Bulk Email services.
  • Bulk SMS services.
  • Selling of educational and office materials.
  • Selling of software services such as apps and games.
  • And so many others.

How do I Set up a Business center?

Setting up a business center is not as complex as it may look. It all depends on how much you have for it. For instance, you can setup a business center with the sum of N500, 000.

However, the level of services such business center can offer will be low and few due to lack of tools and equipment for other services.


Basically, you can setup a business with a computer or laptop and an office printer. These two items may not cost up to N200, 000 but the remaining expenses will go to payment of office, and necessary government levies and dues.

For the best and profitable business centers a good investor should be expecting about N2, 000,000 capital investment.

With such capital you could buy sets of laptops and computers, quality business printers of varying capacities and purposes, then make space for mini-shop in the office, this implies that your office should be wide or spacious enough to accommodate both selling unit and business unit as well as space for customers to sit down while attending to their service request.

How much can I make in a Business center investment?

Just like every other business, you could make as high as N100,000 daily or as low as N1000 daily. It all depends on how well it was established and the ability to apply all the best practices to ensure you maximize your gain.

What ways can I make money in business center investment?

There are numerous ways a well-established business center can make money. From the list of numerous services, a business center daily earning could be as high as N100,000 daily and this can only be achieved through proper implementation of the business strategies and ensuring that all the services can be delivered at optimum satisfaction of the customers this will certainly increase the daily earnings.

What are the business strategies for a business center?

Business strategies for a business center includes:

  • Selection of proper location.
  • Proper establishment of the business with all necessary equipment and tools.
  • Employment of experienced and trusted staff
  • Integrated of related services.
  • Constant provisions of working materials for staffs.
  • Availability of stable power supply.

What are things I need for a business center?

To start a business center you need good capital, good knowledge of the business, get proper location such as campuses, industrial estates, and government houses and agencies estates, etc. You need trusted and experienced staff.

You need to register a business name at CAC and buy the necessary equipment and tools for the business such as computers, printers, scanners, digital camera, chairs and tables.

How can I expand my business center?

You can expand your business center by integrating more related businesses into it. This equally implies expanding the office space. For a beginning you may be having few services but as your business grows you will need to start extending the service to others required by your customers.

You need to be aware that business center services is improving daily following the daily improvements in technology. So expansion in it has to be in regard to the trending technology at the moment.


What are problems in business center investment?

The problems in business center investment includes;

  • Technical failure of machines and equipment.
  • Lack of multiple services.
  • Lack of equipment and services
  • Lack of experienced staff.
  • Lack of proper location
  • Lack of steady electric power supply from the national grid.


Business center has been an old business but its practices has been changing from time to time, the information given above can help you to know what to expect before investing into the business. Feel free to give us your feedback through the comment section.

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