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How to Mix Native and Digital Advertising Methods For Your Business Growth

Understanding How to Mix Native and Digital Advertising

Building a business to a successful stage requires a good amount of effort and investment from different angles, such as advertising, building an excellent workforce, and many more.

The tips that would be considered in the article can be implemented in both small and big organizations.

When it comes to advertising, several forms of advertising are categorized into two major aspects, native advertising, and digital advertising activities. Of course, the advent of the internet, social media, and other online tools have made digital advertising activities popular.

The way technology is implemented changed many things, and the world relates to this differently. Here are ways to integrate both native advertising activities with digital advertising activities to easily promote your business.

Study Your Customers

The starting point of your business advertisement is to understand the kind of customers you are targeting. Like every other business, everyone will not be your customer but rather those in need of the service you offer or what you are selling.

Therefore, understand who are those that will be buying from you, where will they be coming from? In what quantity are they likely going to buy? what is their social life like?  What do they like most? Their average age?

The basic source of getting public information, etc. All this information will help you get a clear picture of the people you will be dealing with and prepare you to devise a proper means of reaching out to them with your advertisement.

How to Mix Native and Digital Advertising
How to Mix Native and Digital Advertising

Understand Customers Need

Before launching an advert for your business you need to first all make sure that your business is what your customer needs.

For instance, if you are in a city and in the midst of classic people then you started a business selling wooden Mortar and Pestle, chewing sticks, plastic plates, and lots more.

When it will be obvious those in that category would be interested in the lasted electric Blender in the market (instead of mortar and pestle), Toothbrush and Paste instead of the chewing stick, breakable or non-breakable ceramic or stainless plates.

So as a business person, take time to understand what your targeted customers will need most and go for those things.

How to Mix Native and Digital Advertising
How to Mix Native and Digital Advertising

Meet Them When They Are Ready To Listen

This is a common term used in advertising. Sometimes you may apply all the best advertising strategies yet the result will be low.

It could be that you were calling their attention at the wrong hour. If your customers are working-class people opt for advertisements targeted at those working in the office or better still opt for advertisement that takes place after working hours and before working hours.

For instance, you could advertise from 6 pm to 7 am hours through their main source of getting public information.

Young men and women discussing at the cafe.

Attention Is the Key

Every advertisement is meant to pass a message. Your message may not be understood or known if you do not call proper attention to your customers.

Your advertisement should be aimed at calling their attention even when they are very busy.

Some experts use celebrity pictures, promo adverts, motion/3D adverts methods as well as other means to draw the attention of their customers to their advertisement.

Use Their Favorite

There are many advertisement channels, from the native advertisement methods such as Radio, Television, Billboards, Banners, Flyers, stickers, etc, to the modern digital advertisement methods such as social media promotion, blogs, website advertisements, and email marketing, and lots more.

It is your duty to understand which of the platform is your customers’ favorite means of getting information. Advertise your business according to the percentage of your customers’ audience on each of the platforms.

Make use of CRM Software

Companies are making use of customer relationship management systems to improve their advertising effort.

This system would allow you to gain access to customer data and make informed decisions about which form of advertising activities would be best for your organization.

How to Mix Native and Digital Advertising

Concentrate on Public relations

S you leverage the digital advertising platforms to market your product and services, public relations strategy is one of the keys you must implement, and the good thing is that it isn’t expensive.

You can easily stand out from the crowd through your distinctive brand effort, either on digital or native advertising platforms.

Ensure your advertisement answers some questions like how innovative are you with your products, is your business taking the leading role in the market?

Breaking the local market boundaries

Integrated advertising activities would help you break through the boundaries that have been set on the market.

For example sales, teams can easily capture the clients through direct contacts while customers outside your vicinity can be reached through your digital advertising efforts.

Choose the right channels of advertising

Choosing the right channel of advertising is dependent on your client’s type and how they consume advertisements.

For example, if your clients are busy rich people, you can capture their attention more through luxury magazines and other elite native advertising means.

Testimonials and blog articles can also be a way to market your goods and services as a form of digital means.

Integrate your native advertising effort into your WebPages

You must accustom your clients to your online channels such as Facebook, weblogs, and other online platforms that speak about your business through your native advertising efforts. Direct your clients to the platforms for them to learn more about your services and products.

Define a strategy for your advertising vision

Take time to plan your advertising strategy before executing and taking any action. You must first determine your organization’s position and understand which advertising effort will best suit the company.

Your advertising effort must be tailored toward your business’s unique value proposition and ideally affects your client’s thoughts about your product and services.

Create different customer and target audience profile

Not all your client-based audience would be reached through the digital means of advertisement, while not all the audiences would be captured through native means of advertisement.

Your category of customers would determine which form of advertisement would require a larger budget and which would take a minimal amount of budget.


It pays to grow your business but the financial expenses involved are what everyone is trying to avoid or reduce.

The cost of advertisement varies according to platforms but that should not be a determining factor.

It is better to spend the advertisement money and get the right audience who are your customers than to spend cheap and get a low turnout because they are neither interested in your service nor have the financial capacity to patronize you.

Take some time to carry out all the advertisement research tips mentioned in this post before investing in your business advertisement.

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