There is nothing more enticing and beneficial when it comes to fashion than to be the champion of your own designs and desire, this includes being the one to decide the type of perfume you spray and the type of attire you put on whenever you are stepping out of your house.

The idea of making perfume is not just for business purpose alone rather a way to be unique and create that special scent whenever you pass around the crowd, a scent that rarely comes up when other people move around the same crowd.

If you want that uniqueness then making your own perfume should be the best option for you. It does not cost much to know how perfumes can be made. However, this can as well open a door for another entrepreneurship business of making perfumes for commercial purpose.

Making your own perfume can cutdown your expenses on buying of expensive perfumes and provide you with uniqueness each time you step out.


The benefits of using perfume are numerous, from suppression of unwanted/unpleasant scent to creation of special atmosphere of fragrances that are acceptable to everyone that comes in contact to you or very close to you, attracting the opposite sex who might like your unique appearance, retaining the fleshiness you felt when stepping out of your house, to killing and alternative way of dealing with body odor.


Perfume can cost as low as N300 for a bottle at minimum local quality and as high as N10, 000 per bottle for very high quality perfumes. On the average which most people patronize, most perfumes costs from N1, 500 to N5, 000 for a bottle.

Perfumes on this range of price can be referred to as average quality perfumes that anyone with enough money can afford and use in every occasion. For those always stepping out every day or several times a week, a bottle of such perfume may last for only a month.

The perfumes at the range of N300 to N1000 can be found in almost every market hawking perfumes and anybody can afford such class of perfumes because of their low price which is based on their quality, majority of them are alcohol-based perfumes.


The cost of making perfumes will be based on the quality of the perfume you want to make. You will need to buy all the necessary fragrance oils listed in the next paragraph. Some of the oil are cheap while some are expensive depending on the role they play in the perfume and how you want the perfume to be when you finish making it.

The quality of the perfume is determined after 24hours of its application on fabrics, if you still smell the original fragrance of the perfume, it means you applied quality perfume. Some perfumes still remain its fragrance on the fabric even after washing and drying the fabric, such perfumes are of very high quality and very expensive as well.

The quality of a perfume is also determined by its ability to leave no stain on the fabric. A quality perfume will not leave any stain on any fabric it is applied to including white fabrics.

With all those criteria, you can choose your fragrances carefully and determine whether the perfume should be alcohol-based perfume, dry perfume, or oil-based perfume.


The list below are fragrances that make significant difference in perfume-making. They are the basics of the smell you perceive in every perfume. To become a professional maker of perfumes, you need to understand how they work to make impacts in making of perfumes.


A good fragrance for those targeting a specific success at work, reveals/signals inherent talents of the user.


A signal for stability, firmness, and strong determination in the character of the user, it equally weaken organisms and boost the perfume user disease defense.


Basil gives matured smell that can heal complexes and boost your confidence whenever you step out.


This fragrance neutralizes external interference against the dominance of the perfume in any crowded environment you step into, thereby keeping the fragrance of the perfume noticeable always.


Orange fragrance is known for impudence and fun feelings, it is fragrance that enhances self-confidence and optimism.


It is female’s favorite oil that shows knowledge and good beginning, freedom, simplicity and quiet character.


Cinnamon creates additional warmth and coziness to the aura of the perfume. A good choice for men’s perfume. Signals gentle life and good comforts.


A powerful defense against energy vampirism and enmity, Carnation helps to secure the perfume user from excessive emotionality.


This fragrance permits love ones to understand you with just half-word, it strengthen intuition, a good catalyst for men’s desire and women sensuality.


Dissolves the feeling of tension in a relationship by boosting mutual understanding and eliminating feeling of potentials for trouble.


Creates a signal of relaxation and clarity.


Creates the fragrance of tolerance among family members, motivations to achieve career goals. A good fragrance that can help adolescents to develop intuition and cope with transitional problems.


Almost everyone like the vanilla fragrance, it provides an aura of trust, warmth, and good for male and female companion, it is a fragrance that signals unity and men’s favorite.


Mandarin signals peaceful soul, bringing back damaged aura and provides some naivety and childish immediacy to the owner.


This is a good fragrance that provides feeling of comfort especially to travelers.


It forms a shell of security from negative impacts from the surrounding for the user. A feeling of protection within the environs.


A signal to cope with situations, helping the user with right beginning and strengthens intuition.


Restores and heals forces after many emotional impact, this fragrance oil is unique in creating an aura of restoration from emotional impact for the user.


Special fragrance oil that helps to provide a regaining of strength after a disease or bad look, could provide longevity to the owner.


A good energy transformer. Rose fragrance oil create aura that changes energy levels from sadness and anger to an objective evaluation. Good for shy and young people who needs character lightness, refinement, and freshness.


The process of making perfume is simple but requires careful calculations and observations. It has to do with selection of fragrance oils that suites the type of scent you want to create on fabrics.

Every fragrance oil belongs to any of the three notes in perfumes fragrances. Here are the three notes in perfume fragrance oils:

The Three Notes in Fragrance oils

First Note: This is the Initial Note or First Phase fragrances. They can smell on fabrics for about 15 minutes to 20minutes after few drops, examples are the Citrus, Momosa, Basil, Mint, anise, rosewood, and lavender, etc.

Second Note: this is the Main Note of the perfume. It is referred to as the second phase of the perfume smell. It reveals the heart of the perfume and the dominant fragrance of the perfume. This is the smell you perceive after one hour you applied the perfume on a fabric. Some examples of such fragrance are: thyme, essential oils, musk, fennel, pine, cinnamon, tobacco, nutmeg, and cloves, etc.

Third Note: This the Base Note of the perfume, referred to as the aftertaste of the perfume, the smell the perfume gives after the second note fragrance has left the fabric. It that smell you perceive from the fabric even after washing and drying the fabric, or after 24 hours you applied the perfume. Some examples of such fragrances are; vetiver, wood moss, incense, and patchouli, etc.


Adding several fragrances may create a confused scent, you need to choose your fragrances according to the first note, second note, and third note arrangement to ensure your perfume last long on fabrics after applications.

You should take some time to clearly understand how each fragrance smells and define the exact fragrances you like to be in your perfume.

Do not mix the fragrances you should at the same time. Use a big bottle to pour the measured quantity of each fragrance one after the other until all the fragrances are complete. The main fragrance that will dominate each note/phase should have larger quantity.

Do not cover the bottle when mixing the fragrances.

If the perfume is alcohol based, you should allow the perfume to infuse for about three weeks, while the oil-based perfumes should be allowed to infuse for about a week. The dry perfumes can be used immediately after preparation.

Types of Perfumes

There are different types of perfumes and there name goes according to the dominating fragrances in it. We will not discuss the making of the perfume types because you are expected to create and make your own unique perfume from the instructions in this post.

The oil-based perfumes

The water-based perfumes

The powder based perfumes

The Aqueous solution perfumes


At the initial stage, you have the opportunity of trying different fragrances, mixing and testing the results of each perfume you made. Now you have understand how simple it is to make unique perfumes and you want to showcase your brand to the world by making that unique brand in large quantity that can be sold in the market.

Make a list of the fragrances that makeup the unique perfume you have made, and make plans to be buying them in large quantities so that you can produce good number of bottles for  the perfume brand.

You can go ahead and obtain a label for the perfume, give it unique name and go ahead with your mass production plan. If you have cosmetics regulatory body within your locality, present your brand to them and if possible obtain a business name that goes with your brand to avoid adulterations later.

Meet the major dealers/markers of perfumes within your locality to present your perfume and evaluate the best price for it. The price should be considerate because you are trying to break into the market so your price should be encouraging for the customers to buy and have the opportunity of seeing the uniqueness of your perfume.

If everything is done right, you should have about ten shops placing demand for your perfume every week. That is if the perfume is truly unique. You can still boost the popularity by running local advertisements for your new brand of perfume with your business name on it.

The importance of attaching your business name on the brand is not just to prevent adulteration of the perfume, it also helps your potential customers to know when you come up with another brands that is equally unique.


At this stage, your business of making perfumes should not be centered on making money but attracting people to use the product. Once you have established strong name in the market, then increasing your price should not be a problem.

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