Significance of Skill acquisition

Skill Acquisition from the general view is ‘the process or art of learning to do something in order to earn a living and/or to survive’.
It is a form of survival that enables one to be equipped with the basic strategies for making a living. On a more comprehensive note, skill acquisition gives room for people to know one or two or as much as possible of the various things needed in life.

Meaning, that all the skill acquisition programs or training, when critically looked at, are focused on one or more aspects of life. They are aiming to equip people with something that could be used in their lives and yield positive outcomes. Some of the training focuses on various (closely related) aspects such as catering and event planning and others focus on a single aspect like carpentry or shoemaking.

Engineering students during classes
Engineering students during classes

Learning various skills will enable one to embrace oneself any change that is to come now or in the future. With regards to various changes taking place in the world (both the good and the bad), it is of great importance for youths to acquire as much of skills as they are able to.
Changes are inevitable, and more prone to happen now than ever as artificial intelligence and different technologies are on the verge of taking over human efforts. We ‘need’ to get ourselves equipped with as many skills as we can, ranging from computer skills to self-control skills.
Everyone has something they’re very good at, which can be used as a source of income. You don’t always have to invest a great deal of money to learn a skill, there are simple skills that require little to no investment, just enough data to look up at some videos on YouTube that will provide you with more information and insights on your skill of choice.

Sometimes skills don’t have to be learned but discovered, certain skills like problem-solving are one of the must ‘needed’ in every society. Certain problems are yet to be identified and solved, all you need to do is look around and identify some possible problems you can solve.
Many successful businessmen are what they are today because they were able to provide a solution to the public, look at Mark Zuckerberg for example, the founder of Facebook in 2004. He brought to the public a solution as of then, to use to connect with their loved ones all over the world. And today he is one of the acknowledged successful business tycoons all around. He provided a solution for people and a solution to his account.

Industrial design student working on a furniture project at school and drawing a sketch

When you’re passionate about solving problems within and around you, you tend to bring out your best skills which will benefit you and the public at large. Be like Mark Zuckerberg, identify and find a solution to certain problems. Become a celebrated genius!

Instead of getting a degree certificate; applying to varieties of companies in search of jobs; waiting idly for an offer to come; roaming up and down the labor market; and doing nothing economical and nothing developmental (personal or national), accompany the certificate with skill and see wonders.

Assuming you’re a Mass Communication graduate, it is certain that you have some skills in writing and communicating effectively through your work to a large number of people, instead of idly looking and/or waiting for a job, search some sites that will pay you for writing some great contents to be addressed to the public. In such cases, you reach the public with some tips that can possibly help them in a way and you earn something to your pocket.


Some jobs require not a handful of knowledge or skill to get and earn something from them, just a little know-how and the brain to keep going. Once you know how to create something from a single idea, or multiple outputs from a product, you have a skill! And with that, you can make anything you want and be economical in a way.

A skill needn’t be professional, just good enough to be what it needs to be. Nevertheless, being a professional in a skill is quite something great to achieve. The decision is yours to make! Either be a professional (chef/teacher/online marketer etc.) or be a good (baker/tutor/marketer), the bottom line is acquiring a skill.

Acquiring a skill not only helps an individual to be self-employed but also manages to keep the mind off certain evil doing. ‘An idle mind is the devil’s workshop they say. But when one is busy bettering oneself, acquiring certain skills, the devil gets not a single passage to that mind, contrary to making it his workshop.

A mind that is concerned with ‘how to come up with great strategies on how to be better at a thing’ is a hundred times ahead and away from the evil whispers of the devil on ‘how to create havoc here and there. When there are no whispers, there would be no listeners and doers of the evil.


‘The graveyard is the richest place on earth” another saying goes because many people with great skills and talents that are yet to be discovered and put into the course are lying there, lifeless and hopeless. “Their hopes and dreams were never fulfilled; books were never written; songs were never sung; inventions were never shared” because they failed to take the course of their skills.

In order to make the world to be one of the richest places, people with skills need to work on them; those with the ability to learn need to learn. A skill can be the breakthrough of one’s life, which if not discovered will accompany him to the grave, thus adding to the riches of the graveyard. Do not procrastinate, act on your skills and acquire more.

While acquiring skills that might be the breakthrough of an individual, it is advisable that the person learn to be self-controlled. The ability to be able to control oneself in virtually every situation (be it mild or life-threatening) is greatly needed.

Learning skills that will help someone to generate some income is important but useless when that very person learns it without learning how to cope with different challenges and difficulties that have high chances of occurring in the long run.

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Skill acquisition plays an important role in the life of youths by giving them more chances to develop themselves, their families, and even the nation at large.

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