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Why business ideas for mechanical engineers?

If you’re a mechanical engineer looking for a means of making extra cash on the side, below are some productive business ideas for mechanical engineers. The Engineering field is very broad and those who have business mindset do not sit and wait for companies to recruit them. Instead, they start-up a private owned business.

In the mechanical engineering field, people can easily start up a business and earn from it. Majority of the things we make use of in our day to day activities, such as; our vehicles, AC’s, sockets and more have a mechanical engineers touch.

business ideas for mechanical engineers
Engineers working at a construction site

You don’t really require a huge capital to start your own business as a mechanical engineer. You can venture into any field of your choice, whether it is fashion, or even agriculture.

Business ideas for mechanical engineers:

1.Small machine shop:


A small machine shop typically carries out small fixing jobs. It is one of the Business ideas for mechanical engineers. In doing this business, you will have to be sure of the specific work you want to be doing. This will aid you in making your choice of clients. However, you need to ensure you have the right tools and equipment before customers come.

2.Training school:

Engineering students during classes
Engineering students during classes

This is one the Business ideas for mechanical engineers. If you’re an experienced professional in the field, you can start up a training school for people who don’t have the means to go to a regular school but want to get some training to improve themselves.

But before you start up this, you need to draw out a detailed business plan of how you intend to run the training school and also strategies to bring students in.

3.Automobile Repair shop;


As a mechanical engineer, you have much more experience than a regular automobile repairer in performing repairing operations on automobiles. This is among the top Business ideas for mechanical engineers.

If you want make money out of your field, you should consider this. However, they way to make the best out of this is the right location and bringing customers in, when you’ve done this, you can map out strategies that will generate steady cash flow from your automobile repair shop.

4.Manufacturing household gadgets:

Details Of Metal Forging In Mechanical Engineering

Making household gadgets is one of the Business ideas for mechanical engineers. There are several household gadgets that a mechanical engineer can manufacture to reduce work in homes.

These gadgets include toasters, coffee makers, vacuum cleaner and more. You will need to carry out a detailed research on what household gadgets is in high demand in homes or how they can be upgraded to become more better.

 5.Generator repair services:

Electric Generator

Like any other machine, the generator gets spoilt and will always need repairs or maintenance. If you’re the type of person that likes working with oil, grease and dirt, you can do this.

As one of the Business ideas for mechanical engineers, ensure you market your business by giving out fliers to customers. Also make sure your in a suitable location that will favor your customers.

6.Automobile Parts Retail:

As long as cars exist, there will always be the automobile spare parts business. However, as crucial as this business is, many vendors sell fake auto parts. As a versed mechanical engineer you have an edge over them in knowing the genuine auto parts. This will boost your business and increase your client patronage.

7.Chemical Industry machines:

As a mechanical engineer, your skills will be needed in industries that require machines to produce chemicals. You can design and manufacture these machines for industries.

It is advice-able to start this business by producing low end machines before going large scale. Also ensure that you have a good business plan before you start this business.


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