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How To Make Money By Starting A Block Molds Fabrication Workshop

Make Money By Starting A Block Molds Fabrication Workshop

Have you ever considered the various designs of blocks that are coming out recently?

The sizes and shapes speak volumes about the molds. When the mold of a block has a simple design the block it will mold will also do the same.

There are different sizes of block molds in the market now, besides that, there are also different types of designs ranging from solid block molds to hollow block molds.

The photo above was taken with a mobile phone at a block molds fabrication workshop, where the already finished molds are usually transported to the market for sales by the fabricator.

This had been the business of this workshop owner for years, according to personal interaction he estimated his average sales to be over 100 block molds per year.

Though a lot of designs had been done by him I was lucky to meet this very design shown in the picture above. This design is meant for the molding of hollow blocks at the interval of two blocks per time, looking into the design these are its features;

It has a width measuring about 2 feet on either side of the mold clearly demarcated with a thick metal plate measuring about 5mm thick, the plate forms the boundary between the two blocks to be molded at once.

Due to the impact force that will result in the compressive stress needed to make the blocks strong during block molding, the boundary metal needs to be a strong one, therefore, this steel plate of about 5mm is used for such purpose.

Looking at the breath sides, it has steel plates of the same thickness with boundary metal measuring about 3 feet on either side of the breath.

There metallic guild around its edges enabling compression action to be carried out on the mold during block making process, the metals have the same length as that of the ones they were welded together, and their wideness is not more than 30mm.

The total height of the mold is the same as the height of normal hollow blocks which is 1 foot from the ground.
In the middle of each molding space, there are two metallic blocks of rectangular shapes measuring 1 foot long by ½ feet widths joined together with short 16mm rods and attached to the walls of the mold, this is done to establish rigidity in the mold and make it possible for the mold to withstand high compressive forces during the molding of the blocks.

The making of this block mold involves the complete measurement of the above sizes with a 5mm thick plate which is the major steel sheet that all the parts of the mold were made from.

The four sides of the molds will be cut from the steel sheet with the following measurement; 2 feet by 1 foot for the width sides, and 3 feet by 1 foot for the breadth sides, remember that for each measurement two pieces will be made for either side.

At the boundary take the same measurement of the breadth for a single piece for the boundary demarcation.
The forming of the hollow maker is very crucial because the edges need beveling for easy removal of the mold after molding any block.

For the making of this part, you will need, 8 pieces of 1 foot by ½ feet metal for the cover parts of the top and bottom of the hollow maker located at the centers of the mold.

On its sides, you will need 8 pieces of 1 foot by the 1-foot metal sheet for the breath sides of the hollow maker in the mold, while 8 pieces of ½ feet by 1-foot metal sheet will be for the width sides of the hollow maker.

Other metallic pieces are 30mm wide sheets cut according to the length of each side of the mold to be placed at the locations seen in the above picture.

A 16 mm short length steel rods of about 30mm each up to 6 pieces to be inserted into the gaps in the centers of the molds.

With all these, in place, your mold is ready for fabrication, the only simple way to fabricate it will be by welding the various parts together either using arc-welding or any available welding technics.

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